District 9
Have you seen it?

I'm not a science fiction fan, but I saw the trailer on tv and it intrigued me.

In honor of the King Of Pop.
In honor of the King of Pop: What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
It's definitely Dirty Diana.

Now I can't listen to it (like the other his songs) because it's making me cry.

I wasn't  really a fan. But if it comes to music this guy was everything I can respect and admire. He REALLY is gone now, I know that the music won't be the same. I'm sad beyond the words.

Oh well... time to move on.
Deserved victory for Barca. Watching United was almost painful this time. What happened? I would simply say that wasn't our day. And Barcelona is in top form recently, it was their season. But IMO our tactics were bad too. Playing Anderson and setting Ronaldo as a striker? Oh no. I guess Sir Alex wanted to put some good technicians there, but it didn't work. Barca is playing well, while they have the ball, we saw that yesterday. Putting there Scholes (yes, I do remember his tackle, but at that point of time, I would do the same thing ;) and sending Ronaldo to the wing would be more accurate. Cristiano can score of course, but he won't help when Barca has the ball. Tevez would help. Or even having Berbatov on the pitch would help, cause Rooney likes to fight for the ball on the whole pitch and then he woudn't have to sit there, in front of Valdes goal.

Just my opinion. It's good to know that the players are aware of how badly it looked.

A little bit stressed.
Four days to the Champions League Final, that's why I feel that way. Please, this time no penalties - knowing how much it (emotionally) costed me year ago I'd die before the end :P I was soooo tired watching this. I had problems with sleeping when we won, I've spend a couple of hours with my fellow supporter talking about it via internet. The first thing I can remeber was sitting there, in front of my tv and crying :P Yep, I got THAT emotional :P

Oh well, I guess no matter what it will end the same way this year ;)

This guy.
I can't believe what's happening. I mean Tevez saying goodbye and all. I love this guy, I love his commitment on the pitch. We need this kind of players. I guess everything is up to his management now - old problems are coming back. But SAF isn't helping either, when we were fighting for him two seasons ago it was so obvious that Sir Alex wants him. And now he's kinda cold if you know what I mean. I hate all the rumours around the transfers, I've always disliked it.

Time to say hello.
Time to say hello. So... hello.


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